Gambling CD, represses, new shirt

November 3, 2010

Last month, The Perpetual Motion Machine released CD-only version of “Gambling”. It comes in 2-color silkscreened Arigato Pak and the pressing is 300 copies.


The first vinyl pressings of “Turk” and “Gambling” both sold out, but we have repressings. The Turk repress was released by Howling Mine (US — this is Bryan from Thou’s new label) and Feast of Tentacles (UK). 500 copies pressed, matte jacket that looks great, black/red swirl vinyl.


To go with the Turk repress we did a run of Turk Street shirts, with a pic of the street corner. No band name, just the image. 2 color screen on red shirts.


The Gambling repress was released by The Perpetual Motion Machine (US) and Feast of Tentacles (UK). 500 copies pressed, matte jacket, vinyl in classic black and solid silver. These look sweet. Unlike the first pressing — vinyl only, no CD.

We sold out of most of our shirts on tour, but there are a few left. We just reordered the “Thrust Planes” and “Seismic Clock” shirts, but the other designs, there’s a few left and that’s it for now.


All this stuff is over here.

(p.s. thank you to our friends at The Perpetual Motion Machine, Howling Mine, and Feast of Tentacles. You guys are the greatest.)